Monday, August 16, 2010

Not Your Grandmother's Library

So we all think we know what a library is like, right?  Well, think again.

Your child will never touch a card catalogue that is a piece of furniture with little drawers.

Your child will learn to search the library with the computer look-up, which
  • can be searched by key word or series as well as title, author and subject
  • shows a picture of the book cover
  • can sort by date
  • can search for websites as well as books

Your child will use online encyclopedias and databases as well as reference books.

Your child can reach out to the world from a seat in the Mount Prospect Library.

Your librarian does not have a bun, or wear glasses and sensible shoes or say "Shhh."  (Oh, wait, she has a with-it bun, shoes and glasses, and doesn't say "Shhh.")

What's in store for the 21st century?  Take a look at new guidelines from the American Association: Standards for the 21st-Century Learner.

You'll see how reading, inquiry, ethical behavior, technology skills and equitable access can best be managed in the near future.

Yes, there are lots of books in the library, and yes, the librarian does have a bun, but remember that your child's library is definitely  not  your grandmother's library.