Friday, December 17, 2010

The Harder They Fall

Out sick with a bad cold and sinus infection. One of the few pleasures of being ill has been having the time for the New York Times crossword puzzles. The other day there was a major theme of words starting with "sh." Anyone would have gotten this clue without that little hint: "Librarian's admonition" could be nothing but "shh," right? One of our society's longstanding cliches is the librarian with the bun, the glasses, the sensible shoes and the stern demeanor with a finger to her lips, shushing her patrons. Never mind that librarians have embraced new technologies, love to serve their patrons, and have poked fun at themselves for years (who else has book cart drill team competitions at their national conventions?)

Even though your school librarian has glasses, a bun, and sensible shoes (you try standing on concrete floors for 20 years. . .), I like to think I am also in the moment with new books, new ideas, new technologies to help carry your students into the world they will live in in the 21st century.

Libraries have always combined the best of the past (The Brothers Grimm, Peter Rabbit, Curious George, Treasure Island, The Hobbitt) with best of the present (Knuffle Bunny, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Grimm Sisters). Keep coming back to the library -- there's always something old and something new to be explored and enjoyed.